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 Interview with Joe Silva

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Interview with Joe Silva Empty
PostSubject: Interview with Joe Silva   Interview with Joe Silva Icon_minitimeTue Nov 20, 2007 1:24 pm

Quote :
Inside Info from Joe Silva

Just wanted to say how cool it was for Joe to basically talk to me and other fans for the whole hour and a half until weighins started. Was really upfront and honest, and i asked him about basically everything. So, i will list everything i can remember.

First Andre Arlovksi

The UFC has offered him multiple contracts, all with significant increases in wages, but Silva made it sound like AA was asking for around 1 mil per fight. He did say though, that no matter what AA will be fighting probably at or before March.

Brock Lesnar v. Frank Mir
Said it will be a big test for both. Said this could possibly be Frank's last big fight. Also talked about how Mir has degrees in karate, so he may just try to go crazy on his feet to get brock to take him down. Said the key to the fight will be when Brock takes down Mir, will Brock be in Mir's guard or not. Also admitted that state athletic commissions refused to approve Mir v. Slyvia II.

Randy Couture
Nothing new, but confirmed Randy has been officially offered a fight with Nog, and they are awaiting his response. Said their main problem with Randy was not with what he was saying and how he felt, but they were angered when Randy lied. This is why they put out all the facts about the contract, and also why Randy has not said anything since.

He said he respects Fedor and admits he is great. He said he feels like Dana does as well, but dana gets very frustrated with the fact that everyone always just boasts and boasts about Fedor. Said he thinks Fedor is #1, but wondered how long he would stay #1 if he no longer fights real competition. ADMITTED during negotiations with Fedor, Fedor wanted the following: Red Devil fighters under contract and possibly on the main card of fights he was on, A co-promoted show with Russia on multiple occasions, and his management wanted control over who he would fight, and admitted his management expressed concern over Fedor fighting Big Tim. He said their offer to Fedor was by far the largest, but they could not give into his demands when they were paying him that much money.

One night tournaments
I asked him his opinions on tonight's strikeforce tournament. He said it isn't that they don't like the idea of tournaments, however that he and dana feel that it is not the best fighter who wins the tournament, but the fighter with the easiest fights.

Josh Barnett
Said Barnett is a pain to deal with, and not worth it dispite his talent. Said he seems to love Japan, so he doubts he would come to the UFC anyway.

Keith Jardine
When jardine faced Houston Alexander, he was originally scheduled to face Machida.

Wandy Silva
Basically hinted towards the fact that if Wandy beats Chuck he will get a title shot, said he didn't think Chuck would get one for beating Wandy though. Which is understandable. More to come later.

Said Kos and Fitch are basically in the same agreement as Jardine and Evans as in they will never fight eachother. Stated he would love to set up Karo and Fitch if Karo wins. Also, it was interesting to note that Marcus Davis stated that when he wins in Newcastle, he wants to fight someone in the top 10, i said Karo, and he said that is exactly who i think they will match me up with. Davis says he feels Fitch will get the title shot after GSP almost no matter what.

Dropping weight class
Said he has been telling Vera ever since he joined the UFC to drop to 205. Stated he has told Bisping to drop, and also Rashad.

CBS Deal
Said they are constantly in talks with almost everyone, including CBS and HBO. Thinks a CBS deal would help them in their negotiation position with HBO since it would give them a better foothold to demand complete creative control.

Japanese Fighters
Fighters like Gomi, Aoki, and others. He said they offered them the biggest fight purses of any orgs, however most of those fighters make big money off of sponsorships in Japan and commercial spots. He said until the UFC has a tv deal in japan, he doubts they will be able to sign high-class Japanese talent.

Yushin Okami
Stated they did not plan to let Okami leave. He said he wanted to see how he performed in the final fight of his contract before deciding what to do. Said the performance and absurdly large contract demand caused him to leave.

Dennis Kang
Said they never had a chance to sign him, since he is half-korean which makes him a gold mine for K1 in Korea.

Said they should probably never have anther season of TUF HW's. Stated the simple lack of depth and true HWs as the reason. Pointed out the only 2 good fighters still in the UFC from the HW part of TUF are Jardine and Evans, and they are both really LHW. Stated the lack of depth is one of the reasons as soon as they acquired WEC he cut the HW division.

Will never drop to 155. Stated he thought if there was a 160 division that Serra would be one of the best.

Vitor Belfort
I think he was talking about Vitor when he said someone had been kickedo ut of BlackHouse. I don't know who else he could be talking about. Maybe Filho since he is going to be training in Mass. with GG.

Antonio Silva
Said he has 2 fights left on his EliteXC contract. Said he loves the fact he got the tumor removed, because it stopped his huge growth which now allows him to make 265. Said if he wins his final 2 fights, he will definitely be in the UFC.

Jake Shields
Admitted he couldn't talk to shields about a contract, but said Shield's people contacted him asking if the UFC would be interested. Silva said they said they were, however at the 23rd hour EliteXC offered Shields a crap load of GUARANTEED money.

Nick Diaz
Said he just thinks the cut is far too much for him. Said this is why he seems so slow.

Cro Cop
Cro Cop thinks he is fighting in January, however Silva said they ahve not even been able to contact his management

Griffin Jardine II
Said he liked the possibility, and said it was one of the options they were looking into for the future of the LHW division.

Evan Tanner
Tanner has signed. Tanner actually was the originally scheduled opponent for Terry Martin when Leben ended up fighting him. Said Evan turned down the deal for no reason given.

Matt Hammil
Said they are not sure what fight he will have next, but said they are looking out for his best interest. I felt like this meant they were looking for the best fighter he could fight while still beating them. Will fight in first half of next year after he recovers from surgery.

Next title fight for A. Silva
Said he hopes it is Hendo and they are working on that now. BUT

Dan Henderson
Henderson really, really, REALLY wants to fight Tito Ortiz. Also, admitted Hendo only has 1 fight left on his contract but they are working on an extension.

now, some of this is outdated, like the Hendo stuff since the fight is now confirmed. -brazilmma80)

Tito Ortiz
Said injuries have ruined his career. Stated some injuries and their severity that people probably do not know, or should not know. Tito's "back" injury that has plagued his career, actually is a spinal injury. Silva explained this is why Tito no longer is explosive, showing that there was a time when if Tito wanted to get you down, you were going down.

Said he thoughti t would be a great idea for Rampage to be a coach on TUF

Martin Kampmann
Stated his surgery was one of the most complicated he had seen. Said he will be out for awhile, but will probably return the middle of next year. Said he will be very important for the future of the MW division, and said he will be in immediate title contender level if he can prove he has not dropped off since injury.

Rich Franklin
Said he will stay at 185, and they are currently exploring very interesting options for him. I asked if he was staying in the UFC and Silva said yes, but it was with a hesitated duration of time between the question and the response. Said he is in a unique position, because he said he believes Franklin is one of the best fighters in the world at any weight class, however he falls perfectly into Silva's style and gameplan.

Machida v. Sok
Said this is the perfect fight to set one of them off as legit upper level fighters. Said Sok should be able to make Machida aggressive.

Will return before the middle of next year. He is spending time with his new wife. Said he knows there was a time when there was a rift between Shogun and Wandy, but now they are on pretty decent terms. Unsure of if they would fight. More interesting news on an old ChuteBoxe rift coming at the end.

Monte Cox
Said he is close friends with Monte and his relationship with M1 will not effect his fighters in the UFC. Stated though, that Monte has so many fighters, he cannot see him staying as an agent and president of M1.

The best and most suprising news: Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva HATES Wandy. Now i knew this, but this takes it to another level. Silva wants to train with Chuck (maybe why Filho is helping Chuck). Anderson also told Joe Silva that if Chuck does not beat Wandy, Anderson wants to move up in weight and fight Wandy! I for some reason don't see this happening though. But that would be an amazing fight.

from brazilmma80 from the site we love to hate

Inside Info from Joe Silva - Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts Forums

I found this on, it's a good read, I think it would be cool if Chuck started training at blackhouse with the nogs and A. Silva.

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Interview with Joe Silva Pbucket
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Interview with Joe Silva
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